This Guy Here

Ryan Koskovich, Menace to Society.

KIROTV printed this picture of Tacoma, Wash. police officer Ryan Koskovich, the blithering idiot who assaulted an innocent deaf woman with a Taser and locked her up in jail for three days without access to an interpreter.

The victim, Lashonn White, had called police for help while being attacked in her own home.

Not to be insulting or anything, but this guy sure looks like one stupid and scary motherfucker, doesn’t he?

Imagine calling the police for help and coming face to face with THIS!

Ryan Koskovich needs to be fired and prosecuted for his crimes against Lashonn White.  He has failed miserably at his job of protecting the public, choosing instead to be an attacker whom the public needs protection against.

He should never again be allowed to wear a police uniform or have access to weapons of any kind!


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One Response to This Guy Here

  1. tomwillard says:

    I just visited the Tacoma police department’s website and saw the following. What a joke!


    — Act With Integrity
    — Respect For Our Employees and Citizens
    — Service To Our Community
    — Accountability For Our Actions and Results
    — Team For The Common Good
    — Innovate To Better Serve
    — Reverence For The Law

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